Astier de Villatte Commune de Paris candle

Astier de Villatte Commune de Paris candle


Commune de Paris 

Gusts of citrus fruit, sharp and alive; lemons from Italy, bergamot and scented geranium all invade the air. Suddenly it’s the calm after the storm.

A delicious, warm, sweet and slightly powdery mist rises from the cobblestones. Suave styrax resin and nutmeg are joined by the scent of green almonds from Coumarin, the celebrated molecule of the age.

• 260 gms • Pure, natural vegetable wax, free of paraffin, GMOs, and petrochemical byproducts; handmade ceramic container. 60 -70 hours.

• Made in France

Please call 03 5931 0008 to purchase. sorry not available online.